🎵 Back in the day, a gentleman by name of Pete Frame produced two stunning 📚books … Rock Family Trees. Hand drawn ‘family trees’ of Rock Giants at the time.

I know of Theo Travis because of his work over the years with Steven Wilson, but also as a performer in his own right and then most recently with Soft Machine, which is how he came to write 🖇️ John Marshall’s obit’.

Family Trees tend to be very hierarchical, so I plugged the two threads together and then added 50 years of humanity.

‘Hierarchy’ is old school. ‘Networked’ is new school’.

How cool would it be to choose (say) 50 musicians like Theo and build networks of

It needs to be someone like Theo … a wide enough eclectic career to be interesting but not so overwhelming it becomes meaningless. For example someone like Bowie would just be a page of lines.

Just #SpitBallingHere