Remember all that kerfuffle about Apple and Beeper - well - as reported just this week Automattic just bought Beeper - which personally I thought was a GREAT move. Even greater - in the same week Beeper launched their new app!

Installed - and ready - because even without iMessages - I still have a Unified Inbox for everything else.

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And - not that anybody is watching me - but why this article should pop into the stream today - I have no idea - but it’s all about those other Beepers!

🔗 The Forgotten War on Beepers - by Louis Anslow

straight line

At the beginning of the year I had grand plans for this series. A daily long-form post about something that was rattling my brain that day. And then life. For a while, I was even just dropping markers - to revisit. I came to realise that part of the problem was the complexity of the structure for each post - so that went away. Simplicity really is rather nice. As I write on 240413, I am now going back and filling in the gaps. PLUS - unless something strikes me immediately, I will not classify until the end of the day and go back to move one of the posts of the day into the 366. Also - if you are wondering how I have update the words at the bottom of over 100 posts at a stroke, well - THANK YOU Andy Sylvester and his Glossary plugin.

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