Just a BIG shout out to @vladcampos for 🔗 📼 this video which talks you through how to rearrange the categories on the archive page of your MicroBlog.

GREAT JOB SIR - most excellent. Really really clear - and it worked first time.

AND of course - big shout out to @otaviocc for the new page.

I did it and it did exactly what it said on the tin.

Sadly it still isn’t quite right - i think mainly because Vlad is using Tiny Theme and I am using Hitchens and I am guessing some kind of styling conflict kicked in and it threw out the rest of my page (like Vlad I am not a developer), but no big deal, we just rolled back and maybe not at 11:32 pm I will look at the coe and se if I can parse what should be changed.

Vlad - one additional thing - rather than saving the name of a page and creating a new one - you can in fact click on the original page and when you save it - it automatically creates the edited page in the block at the top - that will save a few nano seconds.

Anyway - over and out - GREAT job. Thank you.