🔗 📼 This an 11 year old Ted Talk featuring Pablo Holman - demonstrating hacks on the stage. ELEVEN years ago .. so what 2013?

It includes a shout out to Kim Cameron who Pablo called The Chief Privacy Architect at Microsoft, which indeed at one time he was - though Kim retired from Microsoft May, 2011, the shout being an announcement that his hacks allowed him to track KIm as he moved through a conference - and … well, I will let you watch the video.

Imagine what is possible today. And you wonder why we have problems.

Kim of course is the author of The Seven Laws of Identity, that I have had the occasion to refer to on this very blog and it is unclear if Pablo’s call out of what he achieved in tracking Kim had any connection to Kim’s retirement - and to be sure I am not suggesting that at all, and to my knowledge nothing suggests that this was the case.

straight line

Fast Forward to last year and here he is again with another Ted Talk ‘Nuclear Reactors Can Solve Inequality’. 🤯

Both Talks were just absolutely inspiring

straight line

So imagine my delight to discover this one …. where he is talking at Charlie Muirhead’s CogX last year. I haven’t watched it yet - saved for tonight, but I sure am looking forward to it.

The CogX Talk