I opened Chat4o and my first words (audio input) after ‘hello’ were something like write me a quick post about Markdown. What is it. Why should I use it.

Response back - as written. No formatting. No editing.

straight line


In the world of technology and software development, it is crucial to have proper documentation to ensure that information is organized and easily accessible. Markdown is lightweight markup language with plain-text formatting syntax, designed to be easily converted into HTML and other formats. It provides a simple way to structure content without the need for complex coding.

Why Use Markdown?

Markdown is widely used by developers, writers, and content creators for various reasons:


In conclusion, Markdown is a powerful tool for creating well-structured documents quickly and efficiently. Whether you are writing a blog post, documenting code, or creating content for the web, Markdown offers a simple and effective way to format your text. By incorporating Markdown into your workflow, you can streamline the documentation process and focus on creating great content.

straight line

I have worked with Macs for nearly (more than?) 20 years - and never once said hello to it - or please - or thank you ….

If I don’t say those words when I work with some AI model - I feel rude.