I kid you not, so frustrated earlier today that I have had to calm down. All my iOS stuff not currently in use is kept in a single place. Yesterday the pile was - shall we say - ‘organised’. All stuff in same place - just a neater pile than usual.

Today, I went to pick up iPad and ๐ŸŽPencil - and the pencil was missing. Nowhere. Seperated all devices out - and checked off one by one. Still nothing. I went to the places I usually use it - nada. Lifted couch cushions. Nothing. Stopped search. Started search. Frustration doesnโ€™t even get to it. Two hours and then some. Negotiating with myself - that clearly it was a message from above that my old pencil had run its course - and I could now justify a super duper new one.

Here’s what I think happened.

The bank manager got hold of that rationale and somehow planted in my brain that I should take one more look. I did.

Did I mention the tray that sits beside the ‘iOS stuff’? I mean it’s there. It’s clearly not hiding - and I had looked under and all around it. The lip of the tray curves down so you can’t see anything behind the lip if you look ‘underneath from the side’. But I knew that and had already looked. I mean - how could anything really be there? It would just fall down again.


.. that the tray has sufficient Nickel plating that it can attract a magnet in say something like an Apple Pencil and snap that puppy nice and tight into and under that lip.