Listening to the latest ‘Automators’. First time in a LONG time, but interested to listen into the WWDC through the Lens of Automation.

@dsparks and @rosemaryorchard doing a good summary. I second the ‘don’t update advice’. I have a spare iPad that I use for Beta. So not totally pissed off that it is currently worse than a brick. Worse? Sure - you can at least build something with a brick 😂

Rosemary’s take on Shortcuts gives me confidence to try them out again - because for me - life is too short to deal with a string of ‘ifs’ and other rules shortcomings. Sounds like that might be fixed?

David commenting that Shortcuts was ‘short changed’ on updates on this round - wondering if that is because Apple Intelligence - from a customer experience POV might be a better way to do something things that previously only Shortcuts could do? Not there yet - but maybe they will get to that when they get to the Apple Intelligence section.