📺 Hijack (includes a very light ‘spoiler’ alert)

What’s not to love about Idris? Ok well not always, but this surprisingly worked.

Well - at least until the final episode.

Do you remember the old (60 years old!) movie with Spencer Tracy - It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World? I liked the movie - but the images that find their way to the top of my memory is generally large groups of cast members randomly gathered together on a golf green, in a cab, looking in a hole … I mean for that movie - which was a great ensemble cast - total sense, not too mention that I bet that each star was guaranteed a certain amount of screen time … and this is one way to get round that.

Anyway, back to the plot. Watch the final episode of Hijack and tell me those scenes don’t come to your mind.

And yes - all the usual happy ever after, plane saved with seconds to spare, it was all about the money - etc etc

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About that ‘spoiler alert’ - really - did you expect a different ending?