It all starts at 🖇️ - which reposts to

🔗 Threads and 🔗 Bluesky and 🔗 Mastodon

Seperately my blog on is revealed as on Mastodon - which is also followable - so of course i follow it with my (real) Masto account.

So if i post on Masto with my ‘real’ Masto - my blog’s Masto can see it and so those posts can manually find their way back to the blog …

I can also post a message on Threads and Bluesky BUT those messages would stay in their respective domains … until today.

I just enabled Fediverse sharing on Threads - so now if I post to my blog, like always it gets pushed to Threads - which is now visible on the Fediverse - so I can follow myself with my Threads account on Masto - and I presume vice versa.

I am writing this to get my head straight.

So far - BlueSky is only federated via Bridgy which I am not going to use because there is enough to do now in working out what goes where, why and how on my accounts - and do not get me started on the new accounts I am setting up for The Future Found - where I have already enable the Threads account for Fedi access.

I mean, you’re either ‘all in’ or why bother. Right?

A. There is a lot wrong with that last sentence!