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Hope it’s not too horrible


Improvements made

by setting to verse

But only ‘pissed’

rhymes with ‘wrist

And I did not want to curse

So don’t be bewildered

Please don’t knock it

Were this ‘panoramic

The result would ‘rock it’


MicroBlogVember - 1 for December

Panoramic photos are made very possible with the iPhone11

MicroBlogVember continues on.

Apparently there is a December 1st MicroBlogVember entry … which isn’t exactly horrible - other than more pressure is now applied to my daily routine.

I’m just not sure whether the tagging now needs to be MicroBlogCember?

Maybe @macgenie can shed light?

I am secure in the knowledge that keeping my own company works for me … how do others feel about it?

Unknown - at least as of this MicroBlogVember.

I don’t work for any company but that doesn’t make me any less secure about my future … is kind of MicroBlogVember thinking - but next month it won’t change.

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