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🎛️ About ’That’ Film

I wrote about it back in mid July. 🖇️ Smelt fishy then. Still smells fishy.

Kafka’s podcast goes ‘off piste’ - but well worth it as it explores what exactly was/is going on with the movie - that’s in part one. In part two - the ‘other side’.

The Full Podcast:

🎙️ Explained: Sound Of Freedom

🎛️ The Future Of Income

Over the years I have used different words, different ‘lenses’, different ‘glasses’, ‘filters’ - but it all comes down to this.

What is the Future of Work?’ is the wrong question. We should be asking; What is the Future of Income

And too quickly I am told that ‘UBI’ is not the solution, to which I point out that I never said it was. Delighted to hear David Wood making exactly the same point. He goes on …

what is happening is not business as usual.

I agree.

The Full Podcast:

🎙️ David Wood Talking On David Brown’s Podcast

🎛️ How will YOU be remembered?

I have been struggling with a newsletter recently. Unlike the podcast - it isn’t about suicide, but rather - how people are remembered after death. (If you know the movie Coco - it relates. If you think about tombstones - it relates.) The 30 second clip gets to the nub.

The Full Podcast:

🎙️ The Case For Not Killing Yourself

🎛️ UC Berkeley’s Hany Farid: “With AI, we’re making the same mistakes that we did with social media”

A good listen … if these 30 seconds don’t inspire you to listen to the rest … well … then don’t.

The Full Podcast: 🎙️ Danny In The Valley

🎛️ Kafka Talking With Professor Emily M. Bender

.. amongst others, but the clip is Bender talking.

It’s been a good series. Not down in the weeds - but neither a ‘duh’ podcast - of which there seem to be many.

The Full Podcast:

🎙️ How Worried - Or Excited - Should We Be About AI

🎛️ Bitcoin is Still The Future of Payments

🔗 Calling It Now: Elon Musk’s Micropayments Gambit Will Flop Big Time

🎙️Though Musk and Twitter aren’t specifically called out, it is clear that Lightspark’s David Marcus agrees - mainly because Micropayments can’t work while we continue to organize our payments as we do.

You should really listen to the whole thing, but this snippet particularly pertains to the MicroPayment comment above.

🎛️ Whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander

13 seconds that neatly encapsulates the People First challenge. Maybe AI will finally push open the flood gates

The Full Podcast:

🎙️ Peter Kafka Talks AI

🎛️ Kafka and Lessin

Experimenting with clipping out of Overcast. (Side note - Jessica Lessin is the founder and Editor In Chief of ‘The Information’.)

The Full Podcast:

🎙️ Inside The AI Goldrush

🎛️ Micropayments. Have their time finally come?

I don’t know - and I sure can’t tell from this podcast - but David Marcus sounds confident.

A 15 second snippet, courtesy of Overcast …

The Full Podcast:

🎙️ Bitcoin is still the future of payments, says Lightspark CEO David Marcus

🎛️ Embrace The Future

The excerpt is not the main thrust of the podcast, but neatly summarizes the problem of rejecting, rather than embracing, what is clearly something that is part of the future.

The Full Podcast: 🎙️ Why The Future Belongs To Intellectual Capitalists