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“We really need to start treating people’s time as being more valuable than the organisation’s money.”

💬 Mark McArthur-Christie

I used the 4 natural forces model in my 📚recent book as an analogy for the 4 forces of humanity.

And then I read that 🔗 Fermilab has found a discrepancy with the mass of the W boson.

“The current …

Another way of saying “People First”

“The only way to solve this is by creating new systems that start by equipping customers with their own standardized ways to interact with any service function on the sellers' side, at scale. We actually have tools for that called phones and browsers, but we need to advance on both.”

💬 Doc Searls

Dilts Pyramid - A Model For Personal Change

Dilts Pyramid

“We no longer interact. We transact.”

Om Malik

Anyone else think that the ‘’remote work conversation’ has disappeared up our own posteriors?

All this discussion about remote work and asking if we will return to the old ways or adopt new ones.

Has anyone asked people that work in transport, retail, sanitation, manufacturing, construction, schools, hospitals, hospitality. … you know those jobs where there isn’t the choice … what they think?

The dominant conversation does seem to be about the minority of people.


People First?

It goes back to the Romans!

The battle of hearts is what wins wars

The damage has been proven, so why are we still on Facebook?

Now there’s a question.

Came across this through a different collection of people - but believe that there are sufficient people in here to share and solicit thoughts.

Local-first software - You own your data, in spite of the cloud