I am in the process of writing an article on engagement. You know - that thing we are all meant to do in this wonderful social web of ours. I post an article - you comment on it - we end up in a dialogue etc .... Except it doesn't seem to work like that ... which is why I am writing the article.

Meanwhile, this post from Dave Winer appeared in my feed.

It is about what 'nice internet users' do. He has a list of twelve - and I have repeated the four below that fit into my 'engagement' thinking.

- They comment on other people's posts.
- They like other people's posts.
- They share them.
- They read posts before responding to them.

The irony of course is that I couldn't post this post as a comment on Dave's post, because he has comments switched off. Still, I did 'like it' and 'share it' - and 'link back to it' with this post.

EMail me if you can connect the image and content of this post.

And another set of comments on comments. This time from the Washington Post.