Blaming ad blocking and tracking protection on the companies providing them is like blaming pharmaceuticals for treating diseases. People use ad blockers and tracking protection for the same reason they use umbrellas and sunblock: to protect themselves from something they don't want.

via Doc Searls

Great article from Doc - and I agree with him - BUT - I still think we need to be careful about our terms. 'Ad blocker' has become a universal term that IMHO favors the Ad Tech industry. Their defense is that they need to advertise - why should be block them. 

We should call them what they really are. Tracker Blockers.

I donรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt mind ads being served to me - if that helps pay the bills for my free content. What I object to is those ads tracking me - storing my data and my movements around the web and selling that info on. Which is why they are putting those trackers in.

To prove my point - here is an ad for MailButler

MailButler is great. If you use Apple Mail, you should really take a closer look. It's free to try out - click here to see what I mean.

Please note - this ^^^ is an ad. Simple though it is, an ad it is. Promoting Mailbutler. No 'ad blocker' is going to block this ad  -because 'ad blockers are 'tracker blockers' - and there is no tracking in this ad.