If you track my stuff you will know that there are a couple of consistent threads that run through my writing.

1] VRM - an initiative that emerged throughs the work of Doc Searls. VRM is an acronym for 'Vendor Relationship Management' - basically the flip side of CRM. It wonders how do 'we the people' manage our relationships with vendors? It all ties into my own thoughts of being 'My own System of Record' - that you might have heard me expound on.

2] The Impact of Technology on Publishing - that I wrote about here, amongst many other places.

Dave Wrote This Today.

Doc Wrote This Today ( in a discussion group that I belong to )

Dave just posted this. Interesting angle. Or angles. For those who donรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt know, Dave is the father or co-father of outlining, presentation software, blogging, RSS, podcasting and much more. BTW, my original blog was on Daveรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs first blogging platform. And my latest blog is on his newest one.

The world is highly connected.

Tomorrow (Monday) - I get to hang with The Doc and 100 of his 'closest friends' at The Computer History Museum - a twice yearly 'VRM Day' - that he hosts in preparation of IIW.