Important this post was written in and an on a for 1999 .... now the post is here - it is probably irrelevant.

Making some notes to myself about 1999 experiences.


I am slowly restyling the site - but stuck on why I can't seem to alter the size of the body copy on a story page like this - without also affecting the size of the body copy on the river. In other words - I am happy with the size of the text on the river - but want to take down the size of the copy on the story page. How do I do that?

And CRACKED ... One down - a few more to go


You can find my Archives, but - what I am stuck on is why only the last two months are showing up.

Writing this in October and I can see October - BUT anything prior to September or even August is not showing up. Yet.

And now I am in November - that month is working September and before is failing. And now I know why. Known issue - so at least I can put it to bed and know that it is not me!

Of course if I knew how to make this work - I could fix it !

Home Page

Really want to add some welcome text and a Google search ... thinking.

Text Alignment

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time on alignment. 

The river on the home page works just fine, fine size as I want it - centered, balanced, aligned - EXCEPT where is that grey line coming from?  I want to remove it - tried every possible variation that I can find ... donuts.

Fixed - good friend Tony and all round whizz took about a nano second to tell me that ...

The offending css class is: .divBlogPostList (line 162 of ‘styles.css’ ) and the offending css rule attached to the class is: s is border: 1px solid gainsboro;
Simply remove the offending rule or change it to: border: 0 solid gainsboro;

Only thing left is when you click through to a story - why is there a large gap on the right hand side - why is the post not balanced like on the main river?

Managed to move it over  - now there is a gutter on the left. Not right - but it looks better.