HTML is precisely what we were trying to PREVENTรขโ‚ฌโ€ ever-breaking links, links going outward only, quotes you can't follow to their origins, no version management, no rights management.
Jaron Lanier explains the difference between the World Wide Web and Nelson's vision, and the implications:
A core technical difference between a Nelsonian network and what we have become familiar with online is that [Nelson's] network links were two-way instead of one-way. In a network with two-way links, each node knows what other nodes are linked to it. ... Two-way linking would preserve context. It's a small simple change in how online information should be stored that couldn't have vaster implications for culture and the economy.

I hadn't heard about Nelson until my friend Louis told me about him this past week .... but - absolutely fascinating. And, it does seem to me that if we could do it - so much of Fake news gets so much harder?

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