The entire contraption of “Unbridled Energy” is supported only by a rote optimism: “The United States has 250 billion tons of recoverable coal reserves — enough to last 100 years even at double the current rate of consumption.” We humans have inhabited the earth for many thousands of years, and now we can look forward to surviving for another hundred by doubling our consumption of coal? This is national security?

Source : Harpers - Faustian Economics by Wendell Berry

More than questioning national security ... how about planning? As a young country of under three hundred years old, then 100 years might sound a long time. After all, it represents one-third of the entire country's life. This thinking is what will lead America down a very long road of nowhere. Success is about the long game. Take China for example. (This is just ONE of many examples of how China plans the long game. Just Google the long game of China. 

My thanks to my friend Louis for the link.