... 'BT Wi-Fi with Fon' told to f**k off and die.

I have just returned from the UK - I thought it was just me.

OK, this 'billy-do' is from The Daily Mash - but - just like The Onion, some of their stuff is based on real world issues. Like this one.

THE stupidly-named BT wi-fi thing that overrides your internet connection should burn in hell, it has been confirmed.
‘BT Wi-Fi with Fon’, ‘BT Fon’, ‘BT-Wi-Fi-with-Fon’ or whatever the fuck it is called deliberately antagonises internet users by bullying their home internet into submission.

Read All About It -- the article is titled ... 'BT Wi-Fi with Fon' told to f**k off and die.

As I said. Just back from the UK and I lost count of when I THOUGHT I was on a usable wireless network - only to discover that no network was avaialble - becaause F@@@ing BT had co-opted my connection.

It's a funny article - but a real problem.

How are they allowed to do this?