British MPs lined up on Monday to pour scorn on a “racist and sexist” Donald Trump, who they said should not be allowed to come to Britain for a state visit because of the risk it would embarrass the Queen.

... aah yes - your democracy at work ... 1.8 million people in the UK sign a petition that wants the state visit invite to the UK to be revoked - and 

the conclusion was ...

... those close to ministers made clear that there would be no rowing back on the invitation to Trump and hit out at MPs. 

I found this the most interesting

Labour’s Paul Flynn said that only two US presidents had been accorded a state visit to Britain in more than half a century and it was “completely unprecedented” that Trump had been issued his within seven days of his presidency.

Read All About It ...

... before you read this

... where a British Maths teacher who is Muslim was escorted off a plane in Iceland bound for New York - despite having all the valid papers and visas necessary for the school trip.

This was on the same day that the TSA let 11 people through screening at the same airport.

Tell me again about National Security Donald ...