I wrote and published this post about the trials and tribulations (ok - not trials - YET) of Uber yesterday. It was a rapid summary of the fronts that they are fighting that came through my feeds just last week.

(It is worth a click through just to get a quick summary of the breadth of problems hitting the company.)

These posts came out yesterday - Monday 27th February.

Uber’s SVP of engineering is out after he did not disclose he left Google in a dispute over a sexual harassment allegation : Recode.

Seriously? We are meant to believe that. Oh, that’s right - they demonstrate over and over again that they do not believe in background checks. (And anyway it was known who he was BTW - this is a very small valley).

And, in light of that, this becomes even more believable.

Another Tale of Rampant Sexual Harassment at Uber - Medium, another ex-staffer writing about the toxic Uber culture. This quote stood out to me from one manager to a subordinate, a woman and the writer of the article.

There is no place for ethics in this business sweetheart. We are not a charity.

Uber dismissed warnings about its illegal self-driving test for months, emails show - The Verge. (I wrote at the time, there was more to this and I still don’t understand why they weren’t prosecuted at the time. But I guess that is a different story.)

Oh … and the so often repeated story of how some Uber drivers are either totally ignorant of where places are, definitely lacking in ‘smarts’ and possibly just corrupt.

It Could Only Happen In An Uber, Passenger Taken To Croydon Via Bristol…Then Charged four hundred and forty POUNDS STERLING.