This from Fast Company.

It makes for an interesting read that I haven’t picked up anywhere else. A search of the article reveals 106 mentions of ‘Casper’ (the mattress company).

About 90% of what I know about Casper comes from the podcasting adverts I hear as a result of listening to @gruber @jdalrymple and others podcasters. This piece reveals an interesting, dark and seedy underbelly to the mattress industry.

A ‘couple’ of eye catching quotes;

”Casper approached Hales and offered to resume the relationship, on terms considerably more favorable to Hales, if Hales would agree to state a more positive opinion of Casper’s mattress on Sleepopolis. Hales refused.”

”In July 2017, a subsidiary of JAKK Media LLC acquired Casper provided financial support to allow JAKK Media to acquire Sleepopolis.”

”From the first days of the site’s new management, that thorn in Casper’s side–Derek’s damning yellow box, pointing prospective buyers to competitors–disappeared from Sleepopolis’s Casper review. In its place there appeared a green box, with a coupon linking straight to Casper.”

”Casper had finally hammered out the last, most troublesome kink in the yawning purchase funnel that lured ever more traffic to its billion-dollar online storefront. The company could indeed claim, as it did on its site, to have “the internet’s favorite mattress.”

It got me to wondering how true it all is … and if so - how their position and what they are doing synch with our favorite podcasters own principles.

Would welcome thoughts - even better - knowledge.