I came across an old Fred Frith album in my collection today and recalled that when at school I โ€˜knewโ€™ that he was the son of the headmaster of my school.

I forget how I โ€˜knew itโ€™ and over time even started to question the truth of my own memory (just because they have the same last name, blah blah blah .. )

So, with the internet on hand, I just finished some โ€˜researchโ€™ - ok I went to Wikipedia to see if I could find out if there was any truth …

Turns out he was. Still is I assume!

โ€In the early 1970s Fred’s grey Morris Minor sported the band’s heraldic logo, much to the amusement of boys at his dad’s grammar school in York where he was the headmaster.โ€

I even remember the car. The memory was real.