VoiceMail: This is BofA ... please call us at your earliest convenience, we believe your card has been compromised.

I logged on to ‘free up’ the situation - usually works - but no - please call this very specific number.

I do - I am on hold for over 20 minutes - I know - I can see.

Eventually my call is picked up.

I identify myself.

“Before we get going, I know it isn’t your fault, but I would like to point out that I have been on hold for over twenty minutes.”

Snaps back - “Well that shows you how busy we are.”

“Oh - good to know” - in my mind.

“Well I said - you have stopped my card because of possible fraudulent activity, which I can’t resolve through your web site, so essentially you are asking me to call you - because you have stopped my card and then failing to provide a reasonable response time to help me - a customer - solve your problem.”

“Do you want to get this solved?”

I moved on. Five minutes later, all was confirmed that yes - the purchases I made with the card are indeed my purchases - you will note that I have bought from these enterprises in the past …. etc etc …

Deaf Ears.

“Your card is good to go.”

Hang Up.

Ok - and thank YOU for being my credit card company - I say to a ‘dial tone’ (remember those kids?).

Thirty minutes later the card was refused.

Not having another spare half hour today, I just tried to log on. This is what I got.

Says it all really.

Yes - the Internet is working - that is how I managed to post this!!