Today’s Questions …

1] How many people use a digital calendar … be it google, outlook, fantastical, busycal, mac calendar …?

2] Of those people how many people set up or accept meetings with other people in their calendar?

3] And of those people, how many actually ‘accept or reject’ said meetings … so that an organizer can actually have a view of who is likely to be on the call.

Today’s Observations Emerging From Today’s Questions:

1] Most

2] About 40%

3] About 15%

In other words - invite 20 people to a call … watch all 20 debate around agenda, timing and objectives through email (without anyone going to the calendar)

Expect about 8 of them to accept or reject the meeting time.

All 8 will never have an idea whether the other 12 ‘intend to attend’ and in fact on the day the call will often have an email apology or two from people that even said they would attend - they just don’t update the calendar.

I ask because this is surely one of the simplest things to do … and yet still does not happen.