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Consolidating Yesterday To Tell A More Connected Story Today.

I attended this yesterday …. a 1 day (actually closer to two days squeezed into one day ) event feauturing Tim Berners Lee, Vince Cerf, Professor Wendy Hall and a veritable host of others.

During the day I posted a series of images and comments in separate posts, today I am consolidating them into a single post to bring more of a story together.

In chroniclogical order >>

Kick Off

… with Ray Wang, Mei Lin Fung

… and Vint Cerf

Later In The Morning

Vint Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee … who didn’t invent the internet or the www (respectively) … at least according to them.

TShirt Proof

Dame Wendy Hall …, with Sir Tim listening quietly in the background.

Sponsors For The Day

Vint and Ray Wang

World Economic Forum

Hashtag for it all : #OurDigitalFuture

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