How It All Started


A Stowe Announcement Last October (ish)

”I am working to move all the old newsletter issues posted at Substack and even earlier tools over to here, at on Tumblr. I am dating them as they were published, so you can access them using the Tumblr archives feature or the Tumblr tag:”

JohnPhilpin To Stowe:

”Tumblr … Owned by Yahoo … Owned by Verizon … Have you a back up plan if Verizon decides to close Tumblr down? I hope / presume / assume that all of your IP in Tumblr is already stored on places that you control and own …. And if it is … how about moving it there now … and then cross posting it from there to Tumblr, Twitter, Medium as and when you feel like it?
Think what Medium just did to their self hosted model.
From someone who does not see RSS as old school. More ‘retro’ … And very much ‘now’. 😀”
<If all thought through - then who am I? … but to me, basing your entire IP in a platform that may or may not survive … you need a plan B. Or maybe it does survive …. but decommissions support for personal domains like Medium did recently. Then what?

Stowe To John

”I can export from Tumblr if that happens.


Today’s Newsletter From Stowe

Beacon NY - 2019-05-16 — Yesterday evening, without any prior notice or previous discussions, Tumblr ‘terminated’ my account. So, if you browse to that URL you’ll see Tumblr’s landing page, and none of my 13,000+ posts.
Strangely enough some of the blogs associated with the account can still be viewed, like I was working on that blog yesterday just prior to the ‘termination’, so maybe it’s related.
At any rate, this brings back into high relief the question of whether I should abandon Tumblr. One of the issues is that I have so many posts there most import tools don’t work. And Tumblr offers no export, any longer.
More to follow on that front.

… and ‘Tumblr offers no export, any longer.’

My Conclusion is no surprise ... but you can only go there so many times.

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