Daniel Jalkut talking about Brian Warren’s Mac Open Web and if you want to see what he is talking about go here

I agree with Daniel - it’s a nice list. It might not have everything you think should be on the list, but that’s ok - because all you need to do is email Brian with what is missing - and if it ‘fits’ - the product gets added. And added to it has been … almost twice as many things listed now than when I first saw the list a week ago.

I just counted. I have 16 of those apps running somewhere on my machines/devices … and I can now quickly spot ‘indie compliant’ alternatives for things I have that arenโ€™t there.

I thought Feedly should be listed, but Brian explained why he thought it shouldn’t be there …

“I don’t think Feedly would fit. Sure, it’s a web-focused service, no real proprietary formats, but it does require you use their app on their server.”

Meanwhile, Flickr is on the list. I wasn’t aware that you could use different apps to talk to the Flickr servers … you see how much you can learn?

I also think it would be useful for a link to be added at Indieweb.org - another great resource if you are thinking of dipping your feet into this burgeoning movement.

Bottom line - great idea and nicely done.