I wrote this over three years ago about We Work - and they have been high on my list of ‘FTW - you gotta be kidding' posts since along with my old buddies Uber, Theranos and yet to be confirmed

Of course the ‘metaphorical’ hit the ‘rotating blades’ this past week and all kinds of words from Monday morning quarter backs are popping up through the woodwork.

I posted this yesterday linking to a couple of posts from people that have also been calling BS for a while.

But this one from Matt Stoller came out a couple of days ago and I missed it - but definitely worthy of addition.

Highlighting because it in turn highlights that same lay off over three years ago - **and then reporting on the after party … **

”Mass layoffs followed by an expensive alcohol fueled party hosted by a celebrity reflects a problematic leadership style, to put it mildly.

As Galloway wrote …

”The boards of Theranos and WeWork included former and future Secretaries of Defense, Supreme Allied Commanders, and billionaire CEOs of iconic firms. These individuals can assess geopolitical markers, troop movements, and business trends better than anybody on the planet, maybe in history. But put a young woman from Stanford in a black turtleneck, or a guy with great hair, in the same room, and these global leaders couldn’t recognize blatant fraud.

I can explain it all …. as I wrote in one of my many groups earlier today …

… “this - just like Theranos - is more greed than stupidity … and ‘they' wonder why ‘they' are increasingly viewed with suspicion.”