About ‘n’ years ago (where ‘n’ is a significantly large number) I came up with The 4Cs of ‘Communication’ - which is to say - anything that gets produced to be used in campaigns had to pass the ‘sniff test’ of whether the final piece is …

  • Creative - to stand out from the crowd (IT’S A CLUTTERED BUSY NOISY WORLD)

  • Clever to tie it back to the messaging (RULE ONE - ALWAYS ON MESSAGE)

  • Consistent - to reaffirm and continually promote the brand (BRANDS COST MONEY - MAXIMISE THE USE)

  • Complete - in that NOTHING should be exempt from these rules in all and everything we are and do - now
and in the future … i.e. Continuously and Continually (there is a difference) across the space-time Continuum … ok - I was pushing it!

Basically - Consistent was about being on brand - Complete was about making sure that over time as the brand developed there was Continuity.

At the time, the ‘C for ‘Customer’ seemed obvious until I realized it wasn’t. I added a fifth and final ‘C’ … Customer Centered (because if it isn’t people won’t pay attention).

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