Much as when a clear and obvious lie is stated - it doesn’t give you confidence that the rest is going to be any different. I refer you to ’45’ over the past 4 years.

I have not seen ‘the’ recent Oprah interview. Life is too short.

But when I hear someone claim that they “didn’t really have any idea what the royal family was, didn’t Google or do any research.” … my antennas will go up. My antennas went up!

So no … sorry. If that wasn’t a lie then stupidity is the only possibility.

This from Peggy Noonan summarises it nicely.

”Public life has gotten extremely, unrelentingly performative. Have you noticed you keep hearing that word? It means everyone is always performing—the politician, the news anchor, the angry activist. This gives natural actors an edge, and leaves those who aren’t by nature actors at a disadvantage. Meghan was a professional actress.”

Read the whole thing - save me writing it again - and it is better written than I would manage!