They are singularly the most inhuman invention you might imagine. But they aren’t half as bad as humans.

I went through a process about three months ago. You have resumes and cover letters stored on your hard drive. You even have a linkedIN profile that contains a wealth of information. But none of that is good enough. No. You need to fill in the forms that you are presented with and then add pdfs of the docs to the application.

You just know that the form filling is the filter mechanism that the ATS will use to decide how it is all prioritised. I got it all in within the time specified and then connected with the current incumbent AND the hiring manager (knowing them both) to let them know my hat was in the ring. A little later - the application deadline was extended. No reason provided - but I was told - even though my application was in.

I could only think of two reasons.

1] There weren’t enough candidates - it’s a pretty niche role.
2] The candidate they wanted hadn’t applied - so they told him to - extended the deadline and waited.

Other than that single communication …

Nothing … nothing … nothing … except alerts from the ATS saying that I won’t hear more from it - since the application was ‘now in the hands of the recruiting organisation’.

Nothing … nothing … nothing … and then

**In their occasional newsletter I read that the position has been filled … by someone I also happen to know. Good chap actually. **

Still heard nothing from the ‘recruiting organisation’. At minimum I might expect a pro forma - ‘thanks for applying’ at the start - and then a ‘sorry you didn’t get it’ pro forma at the end.

At best,I look to how I used to operate.

Maybe I am odd. I am certainly an exception, because this story is not new. It happens every single day to people all over the planet.

When you read how tech has lost its humanity - people blame the machines.

I don’t. I blame the people.

The good news - if this is how they operate - glad I am not part of it.