Web Sites

Bit by bit I have been consolidating the ‘Wor(l)ds of John’ and putting everything under a single, smaller roof. So when I say ‘single’ … less?

My Blot site is not just thoughts that somehow never made it to MicroBlog - but also includes the archives of 5 old Wordpress sites;

- Beyond Bridges
- Hidden In Plain Sight
- Quotespace
- And Another Thing
- Just Good Music (the old MicroBlog JGM - sadly my original JGM site only exists in the Wayback Machine.

Only JGM is linked since I figure that is the only blog that MicroBloggers might even want to click through to.

… and a whole lot more.

Gah - that just made me realise that I need to spend a bit of time in better organizing blot.

The oldest post in there dates back to September 2010.

Meanwhile my Micro Blog site has another several thousand posts entries … the oldest dating back to April 2005.

The Micro Blog collection includes an old humour site that got moved before I came up with the blot consolidation. It is a post from this blog that holds the the oldest post ‘title’.

It also includes some of my Instagram world. I resisted pulling in what is really a pile of rubbish.

My Computer Software

Meanwhile, I am also moving my main computer to a new machine. No automatic ‘restore from previous machine’ for me. I have built (am building?) it from scratch. About three weeks in ans 71 apps from the old world still have not yet made it over - and they still might not - ever.

My iPad

… deinstalling software to bring more focus to how I use the iPad and when.

More to come as I think about it.