In case you hadn’t noticed - I am in a bit of a catch up mode.


This for example is a set of links that clearly at one time all connected in my head, but for the life of me - I can’t see that now. That said - I am pretty sure that all of them date back to January 2021.


Tom Evslin - Who’s Pocketing the Profit - I think we know!

Josh Bersiin - The Crusade For Employee Experience: How Did We Get Here? - I find it telling that ‘Employee Experience’ is so far behind ‘Customer Experience’ - just in case you had any doubt where Corporate priorities lie.

Free Speech

Benedict Evans - Speech and Publishing

Beyond Platforms: Private Censorship, Parler, and the Stack | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Robin Rendle - Hijack

Apple and Chips

Stratechery - Intel Problems