In another life I worked for Oracle in the UK and thence onto the US. When I first met my boss to be, the UK offices were in Richmond. By the time I had joined, they had moved to Chertsey. Within a couple of years we had moved to Bracknell and around year 6 (by which time I was in San Francisco), Reading became their home.

Trying to find some picture of the buildings for a different reason and came across this.

Just a couple of examples. Click through for the mess that it was.



How sad.

The Cherstey offices were always my favorites and home to good friends and good people working on so many things including Oracle’s FIRST applications - delivered through C.A.S.E. Who knew it had fallen into such disrepair? The photos seem to date back to 2015 … but looks like they are no more - and an elderly care home is now there. I wonder if there any residents today that worked in those office back then?

It was long enough ago.