I recently watched the TV series of Fargo seasons and came to realize that the ‘True Story’ theme of Fargo … where none of it is true … is itself a theme throughout.

It explores what different characters believe is their truth … and who are we to judge?

Example Scenes

Final Scene - Part One - of Final Episode of Series 3 of Fargo

Final Scene - Part Two - of Final Episode of Series 3 of Fargo

V M Varga Playlist

“Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.”

Albert Camus

Side Note

The actor who played Varga in Series 3 ( David Thewlis )has just popped up in a new series - Landscapers with another favourite of mine - Olivia Colman.

Landscapers is a true story - not like Fargo truth - real truth! Proving that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.