iPad Gripe from @Gruber - Yeah, Me Too

"My biggest gripe remains unchanged from all recent iPad models: the front-facing camera placement is awkward when the iPad is oriented in landscape, but landscape is how the iPad is oriented when it’s in a Magic Keyboard or propped up using a folded Smart Folio cover — and those are the natural ways to use an iPad for a video chat at a desk or on a counter. It’s a great camera (and the M1 has an excellent image signal processor), but horizontally, you wind up with a high-quality image of yourself from a bad angle. The camera is too low and off to the side. If you look at the camera you’re not looking at the screen, and if you look at the screen the camera makes it look like you’re not looking at the screen. I don’t know what the solution to this problem is, but Apple hasn’t found it yet."

💬 John Gruber