It truly is annoying that I only have 3 hours per day to try out CSS edit changes on my MicroBlog newsletter - and I can’t even choose when those three hours are. The draft appears - and then the clock starts ticking.

I have got errors - and each day I get the draft and then I try to fix the CSS in the time available - provided that I have nothing else going on - until I can’t any longer because my time is up.

Right now I am wrestling down these problems

🔸 my centered HR SOMETIMES isn’t centered.
🔸 ‘>’ HIDES the actual quote, while ‘blockquote’ works as it says on the tin.
🔸 my ‘attribution’ line isn’t indenting.
🔸 the font size doesn’t work well on a phone.

I know it is me. That doesn’t make it any less annoying!

It also doesn’t end there - because once this is fixed, I do have some other ideas on styling.

Should be done by 2023.