Two writers - well … write …

๐Ÿ”— Ezra Klein and ๐Ÿ”— Venkatesh Rao providing their take on what all this twitter stuff means. They seem to agree on the short term effect …

Venkatesh writes

“He can no more prevent Twitter from turning into a sort of personal Valhalla orbiting his person than Jupiter can stop being a massive planet. Which means there will be a massive shift from vibe-neutral public space to some sort of Free Speech Thunderdome where Elon sets the Vibe of the Month for you to either rejoice in, or resist.”

Ezra writes

“Betting against Musk has made fools of many in recent years. But I count myself, still, as a cautious believer in Muskโ€™s power to do the impossible โ€” in this case, to expose what Twitter is and to right-size its influence. In fact, I think heโ€™s the only one with the power to do it. Musk is already Twitterโ€™s ultimate player. Now heโ€™s buying the arcade. Everything people love or hate about it will become his fault. Everything he does that people love or hate will be held against the platform. He will be Twitter.”

But maybe not the long term one.

Venkatesh seems to be of the belief of one more nail in the blog coffin - though I can’t reconcile how he arrives at that conclusion.

While Ezra writes;

“He will have won the game. And nothing loses its luster quite like a game that has been beaten.”