Long Time Castro user - but it was time to explore the alternatives again. (Same exercise as the RSS reader project a few weeks ago). So of course my first stop was back to Apple Podcasts .. because I keep thinking that of all companies Apple should be able to deliver the best experience …. right?

The app managed to annoy me in less than a couple of days. But it did trigger me to look at synching … enter Overcast - my new friend.

Moved over about three weeks ago. Been getting used to it, and so wasn’t ready to say bye-bye to Castro … until today.

I don’t think Overcast is any better or worse than Castro when it comes to managing the play lists - different for sure. But oh boy - synching.

I like the sound from my iPad better than my phone, so is great to listen to at home - but the iPad doesn’t travel around with me when I am walking.

Overcast synching is just GREAT.

I stop listening on my iPad, grab my phone - head out - and it just works1 … picking up where I was in the podcast and continuing on the new device.

  1. Seriously, someone should use that as a marketing phrase! ↩︎