… or not. Yeah - definitely not.

Thiel-backed conservative video platform Rumble is up 37% after going public via SPAC merger at a $2.1B valuation, raising $400M.

.. and you all thought SPACs were dead!

Definitely an interesting mix of โ€˜purveyorsโ€™ on the platform, noting that Russell Brand had decided that he needs to not only join the likes of QANON, Alex Jones, Greenwald, Lindell and Truth Social - but be there exclusively!

Side note

“Thiel co-led an investment in the company last year along with VC firm Narya Capital. Narya, based in Cincinnati and named for a ring in the Lord of the Rings books, is also backed by Thiel and led by his one-time business associates Colin Greenspon and Ohio Republican Senate candidate JD Vance.”