An old adage - but is ‘top of mind’ recently.


…. you know the list is endless.

There is a tech podcast I listen to regularly - and a recurring theme is the difficulty of doing sales and marketing …

The solution - apparently - is to do some internet research - and ‘fix the problem’.

As I say - recurring.

I donโ€™t listen to every edition - but I listen enough to be confident in my assertion that ‘they have not ever reached out to a professional sales / marketing person that could help them and I wonder why this is?

I do lay part of the blame at the feet of those people who lead those disciplines. I do understand that there are schmucks in those two worlds that makes you wonder how they make a living - but we also know there are bad lawyers, bad accountants, bad doctors ….

But Sales and Marketing? It canโ€™t be that hard โ€ฆ Iโ€™ll read up and solve my problem.


I find that it is tech-oriented people who are particularly flawed when it comes to this kind of โ€˜thinkingโ€™ - and I use that word loosely.

Anyway - that’s all I have to say. Right now I have an app to build this week. It’s all worked out. This afternoon I am going read up on java and python. Then tomorrow I will build my prototype. Should be all done by the weekend.

I mean - it can’t be that hard can it?