This post was getting too long and confusing in draft mode. So - instead I am writing a short post and will then append with comments to cover off each point I want to make. A living post if you will!

The genesis of the post is that @dave commented on one of my posts about Feedland suggesting that I publish a post about Feedland here.

First off, I am a big fan of the functionality of Feedland and in awe of how @dave - much like @manton - just keeps delivering enhancements and extensions to his world without the teams of hundreds - if not thousands - that VC backed startups seems to ‘need’.

As an ex user (I was there before MicroBlog properly launched) .. I recognized the interface immediately. There is a style that Dave uses. Not my favorite - but I appreciate the consistency.

I found it pretty easy to set up Feedland - and it ‘just worked’. Since then, there are things I have discovered that would make for an even easier life (at least if you were talking about my life that is).

I will post thoughts into the comments below in an attempt to keep simple and less ‘rambly’.