If you don’t live in New Zealand, you might not know the name Bernard Hickey. Hell - I live here - and didn’t know him until I stumbled over his writing in Substack. But when I speak to ‘locals in the know’ - he is definitely known.

We had some elections in New Zealand recently, and one winner was a gentleman called Wayne Brown - he is the new mayor of Auckland. At the time he was received positively. Overall still is as far as I can tell. Businessman moves into politics to ‘get things done’ wasn’t his tag line - but probably because it was too long! At this stage, I couldn’t honestly tell you whether I am for him or against him - I am just not that well versed in local politics, but it is fascinating to read something like this to get a deep down drill into what might(?) be going on. Bernard is definitely not pulling his punches. (I do get the impression that he doesn’t usually!).

The Original Article

TL;DR … Wayne wants to sell Auckland city’s stake in the airport … Bernard is asking why he doesn’t sell off some of the gold courses - it might just have the same short term effect - and seems to have a better long term outcome.

Auckland Airport

If you want to get a feel for the substance of the article …. here are some of the highlights ….

I am now going to share this post and newsletter with a few people ‘in the know’ and see if I can’t get some additional commentary and colour.


More to come