I wonder why this link is not actually on the MS site any more?

I mean, it seems like it would be important for people to know? Part of the URL reads ' host-clayton-morris-leaves-country-amid-fraud-allegations-lawsuits ‘- so you can guess what it is about if you don’t want to click through

Yahoo and many others still have similar links reporting the story.

I came across him today when a friend mentioned the YouTube channel - and after what I was being told, I felt it all seemed … shall we say odd?

Three minutes of ‘deep’ search found the info that really makes me wonder.

What’s worse is that according to my LinkedIN profile, I have one person in common with ‘Clayton’ … a person who is in a really senior person and has had many senior roles over the year. I can only hope that the connection is an old one when they might have crossed paths when ' Clayton ' was on Phaux News. But these days - you really never know do you?

Phaux News? I know right - that alone should have been a warning!