Micro Blog categories are badly displayed - there I said it.

In MicroBlog and the New Drafts Plugin - it is unclear - but I think it is oldest to newest created? (In fairness the plugin probably pulls the raw list from the back end somewhere and uses the default.)

The same behavious in the iOS app.

BUT, in the Mac app, categories appear in three columns - and they read left to right on the first line and then the second line etc - NOT down column 1, then column2 etc … who knows which is the right way? Its like a book spine - should you turn your head to read sideways top to bottom OR bottom to top. There is a 99% standard - but still the 1% of spines designed the other way are around.

I read columns like an old newspaper - down first - then across - not across then down as if you are reading a spreadsheet.

In Mars Edit - they are displayed alphabetically - so clearly that is possible.

I have called this out to @manton - and we agreed, I am more than likely an edge case (over 50 categories (don’t judge)), but surely others have this challenge?

It would be good to choose preferred order in settings - but failing that, can we just have them alphabetically like @danielpunkass has them?