Criticising is the easy part is a blog post that has been sat in my drafts folder for too long ….

I wouldn’t disagree with @manuelmoreale - you only have to highlight ‘the issue d’jour’ and

… all while nothing is done at a country (let alone global) level to lay out a stall and agree the top level strategy.

Case in point … an old one that I was introduced to in my twenties …

If someone is guilty of a crime, do you sent them to prison to rehabilitate or punish? Whichever the answer results in two totally different looking penal systems with very little operational overlap. If we can’t agree on the top level strategy - we will never agree on the solutions.

And donโ€™t get me started on how (in the US at least) - the people’s representatives are not representing the people - how else do you explain the break between politicians and people in subject areas like abortion.