Slowly building up my glossary links ( thankyou @AndySylvester ) … 4 active so far … more in the background - and none of the embedded terms are yet implemented (except that one at the bottom of this post). None of the click throughs are final text yet - but that is kind of the beauty of the ๐Ÿ”— glossary.

Learn more about People First.

An experiment as I think about moving into MicroBlog.

About my position on The Future of Work.

I moved my old Humo(u)r archive into MicroBlog a while back. It has a fixed footer and some of the HTML is broken. Steadily fixing as I rediscover these old posts - and then adding this dynamic footer.

The glossary allows me to set one or more fixed footers on any post that are generated dynamically, so if I want to change anything - I change it once and it changes everywhere. This is an example of such a footer.