This Is Not America was always a 🎵musical favorite in my world - as indeed was 🎥 The Falcon and The Snowman, which featured the song … and then the movie came to mind this morning as I was catching up on my ‘piece of glass’.

To some, the meaning of the lyrics …

A little piece of you,
the little piece in me,
will die
(this is not a miracle)
For this is not America

… seem to be shrouded in mystery - but to me - not really. At the simplest level they seem to reference that the geography that the two characters found themselves in was definitely not America. Happy Days … you could leave wherever you are - come home to America - and all would be ‘well’ again.

Fast forward 35 years.

The lyrics remain relevant - except now you don’t need to leave America. And because of that, there is no longer that safe haven that our two ‘heroes’ wanted to return to.

(Yes - I am having a day - and it’s not even 11am)

Later - in the title, I really wanted to use the Americn Flag EMOJI - but for some reason, it wasn’t rendering correctly on the web site ….

US Flag not Rendering

So I changed it.