I have had three actions in ‘Things’ now for weeks. They were there to remind me to post a snippet from three podcasts that I wanted to share. The actual snipping and posting is not that hard - so why did I need to set a reminder?


I use Overcast to listen to Podcasts and I had no intention of moving my listening experience over to Snipd. Earlier in the year I had been playing with Snipd. and even posted a couple … 🔗 here and 🔗 here, but the friction on the adhoc process in the workflow - not so easy.

Snipd is a good app for extracting a slice and posting. BUT I listen to Podcasts in Overcast, so when I wanted to snip something, I had to;

… and only then could I start the process.

Clumsy - at best - and lots of friction - so I just made a note in Things - which you now know I never got round to!

I might be blind, ignorant or stupid - but tonight I discovered that Overcast offers very similar (identical?) functionality. Is that new? Am I really that slow?

Anyway, just tried out the Overcast mechanism - and very nice, sitting right there in front of me.

🔗 My first example

Snipd account deleted.